At the core of who we are, we’re big dreamers, avid learners, experience creators, and problem solvers. And we are ready to breathe life into your vision. Let’s make it happen — together. 


We champion others by designing irresistible brands for artists, events, and businesses and help bring their dreams to life.

With 15 years of experience in the industry, Sarah Sung (Founder and Creative Director at Sung & Co) brings diverse knowledge and expertise to the table. As we grow and add to the team, we want to work with the very best in their field, work with amazing clients, and create exceptional brands that will thrive.

We believe that you should not settle for good enough. What helps your brand stand out from your competitors is the experience you create for your customers and your unique selling position. We strive to learn about your dream so we can creatively execute your vision.

Details are vital. We believe in focusing even on the smallest details to make every part of your brand consistent and exceptional.


We want your brand to create unforgettable experiences for your fans, your customers, and your clients. We care about your dream because you care about your people.


And clients located in:
Tennessee, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas, Illinois, Texas, Canada, and London