Designer Boot Camp

Designer Boot Camp


A 12-Week Boot Camp to Becoming a High-Level Graphic Designer

In a competitive industry, you have to be high-level to be irreplaceable.

If you went to school for graphic design…good for you!! You learn a lot about the foundations of graphic design that make you a strong designer. If you’re self-taught, good for you for motivating yourself to chase after your passion!

Whether you went to school for graphic design or you taught yourself, there’s still a gap in the transition between what you learn in the classroom and how it’s like in the real world.

We started Designer Boot Camp to help young graphic designers learn the high-level skills to separate themselves from being good to being great…and help them thrive in the real world!

This is an intense boot camp. You’ll be held accountable for finishing your projects on time and communicating with others just as you would in the real world.

If you’re just wanting to take this just for fun, this boot camp is probably not for you. We want graphic designers who enroll get real results in their work and knowledge about design so they can transition into the real world well and even advance in their careers.

What we’ll go over:
Week 1: Schedules & Getting Organized
Week 2: Putting Systems & Processes In Place
Week 3: Managing Your Projects Well
Week 4: Creating Good Design Habits

Week 5: Mastering the Programs
Week 6: Typography & Hierarchy
Week 7: Finding Inspiration & Studying Design Styles
Week 8: The Art of Storytelling: From Concept to Completion

Week 9: Good to Great: They Key to High-Level Design
Week 10: How to Give and Receive Feedback
Week 11: Production – Executing Your Designs
Week 12: Delivering Files and Customer Service

How does it work?

• The Designer Boot Camp will be available once a quarter.
• Once it’s confirmed, we’ll send you details on how to join the virtual office.
• Choose the months / quarter that works with your schedule the best.
• This boot camp will be held on Wednesdays from 6:00pm – 7:30pm (Central Time).
• This is a 12-week virtual live boot camp.
• Limited spots available to ensure each person gets quality coaching.


You must have your computer / laptop to work off of (Mac preferred).
Have the required programs (Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)
You must have a basic knowledge of how to use these programs.
You should have the mindset to learn!


We want to create a safe environment for people to come with their questions and problems without having to worry about others stealing or copying any information shared. By signing up for Designer Boot Camp, you are agreeing that any materials shared will be kept confidential.

Recordings and Replays

We will not provide any recordings or replays for confidentiality reasons. If you miss a day, you can schedule some time through our Office Hours. Office Hours are included with the Designer Boot Camp so you will not have additional costs.


We know things happen, and you may not be able to come when you originally signed up. You can get a refund up to the first week of when the boot camp begins. Once the second week starts, there will not be any refunds.

We understand that this is a huge investment for most. And we’re serious about making sure you get real results in becoming a better designer and an asset to your team.

If you have any questions at all, please message us!

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