Resumé Workshop

Resumé Workshop


The Ultimate 4-Week Workshop to Help You Get That Dream Job
From the Desk of Sarah Sung

Whether you’re graduating and looking for a job or just wanting to advance your career with a new company, your resumé is an important first impression.

I’ve sifted through many resumés from graphic designers over the years, and it was surprising to see how many were done in Microsoft Word (yikes!) and how many used a resumé template.

In a competitive industry, you need to stand out. Companies want to see what you can do, but how will they get to your portfolio if your first impression doesn’t grab their attention?

I’ve worked with several amazing companies over the years. Some were not looking to hire. Some were looking for a graphic designer with 3-5 years of experience when I only had one. But guess what? I’ve gotten jobs at companies who weren’t hiring. I somehow beat 600+ people with way more experience at another.

How I got my foot in the door for an interview wasn’t because I knew someone—I didn’t have any connections. It wasn’t because I had more experience. It was based on first impressions. The resumé. And I designed it in a way to make it stand out.

Creating a unique resumé is crucial to getting that dream job. It’s not the only thing, but an amazing resumé will get you in the door.

This workshop will walk through how to design a great resumé. And it will be unique to you.

Week 1: We’ll go over the information to include in your resumé.
Week 2: We’ll go over different ways to create your resumé.
Week 3: We’ll go over your newly designed resumé and tweak with any edits.
Week 4: We’ll go cover letters, thank you’s, and leave behinds.

Each Resumé Workshop will be held on the first four Saturdays of the month from 1:00pm – 2:00pm (Central Time).

This will be a virtual live workshop, but spots are limited.


Any information shared in the workshop will be strictly confidential. We want to protect the privacy of all who attend the workshops. If you sign up for this workshop, you agree that you will not steal and/or copy information from others.

Recordings and Replays

This will be virtual live workshop, but no recordings or replays will be provided for confidentiality reasons. Please consider this and your schedule before signing up.


There will be no refunds without a 24-hour notice.

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