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Create Engaging Content For Your High Ticket Program

Develop creative resources to keep your clients engaged and help them implement what they learn.

Ever wonder why the completion rates for online programs are so low?

Information is not transformation. Help people understand and implement what you teach by creating amazing learning experiences!

Creating a solid plan helps you fill in the missing gaps.

Are you facing some of these challenges?

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Are you facing some of these challenges?

Create engaging content that helps your clients understand and implement what they're learning.

Your completion rates are low.

Clients tend to drop off after the module because the content is too boring or there's not enough support.

Your clients are getting stuck.

You may be providing resources and tools, but your clients don't understand how they work.

Information is not transformation.

You're producing videos for your program, but it's not enough to get your clients results you promised.


Creating a solid plan helps you fill in the missing gaps.

Are you facing some of these challenges?

Engaging content that helps your clients get results.

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service includes:

Social Media Graphics
Learning Activities
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Sarah Sung is hands down the most talented designer and creative mind I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s a design and branding genius!

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Here's how we help

Creative Resources, Assets & Tools

We help break down your content to create engaging resources, assets, and tools that's unique, fun, and easily understood.

Consistent Brand Experience

We help you develop a VIP brand experience that's engaging, memorable, and consistent with your brand messaging and visuals.

Strategic Creation
of Your Content

We take the time to create the right learning experiences for each module of your program to increase the results and outcomes.

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Sarah is that rare breed of organizational leader and creative thinker. She’s one of the most highly specialized designers I’ve ever worked with.

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Creative, fun, and practical.

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