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Strategic Brand Foundations for Long-Term Success

Attract your ideal clients with a plan that's strategic, creative, and engaging.

First impressions say a lot. In fact, 90% of people judge a business by how it looks.

So why do most people start off without a strategy, slap together a few visuals, then wonder why they're not making any money or booking their ideal clients?

Creating a solid plan helps you fill in the missing gaps.

Are you facing some of these challenges?

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Are you facing some of these challenges?

It all begins with a great strategy and creative visuals to help you stand out from the competition.

Not attracting your ideal customers?

You're getting a lot of unqualified leads or inquiries that don't align with services you offer.

You're stuck undercharging.

You deliver amazing results, but you are burned out because you're killing yourself to make a dime.

Your visuals are always inconsistent.

Your fonts, colors, graphics, and content — they're all over the place, and they don't represent who you are.


Creating a solid plan helps you fill in the missing gaps.

Are you facing some of these challenges?

Brand strategy and visuals you need to help you get started.

Strategic brand foundations

Strategy Call
Ideal Client Profile
Core Values
Brand Personality

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service includes:

Logo Suite
Color Palette
Font Pairing
Brand Pattern
Brand Guide

Sarah Sung is hands down the most talented designer and creative mind I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. She’s a design and branding genius!

Audrey k.

Here's how we help

A strategic brand for long-term success.

We help you establish a plan that aligns your business with your big picture vision. You can be confident in building out your legacy.

Brand visuals that impress your clients.

After working on your brand foundations, we create core brand visuals that attract your ideal clients and represent who you are.

Creating a consistent brand experience.

We package your strategy and visuals into one complete guide so that your strategy and visuals are always consistent.

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Sarah is that rare breed of organizational leader and creative thinker. She’s one of the most highly specialized designers I’ve ever worked with.

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Creative, fun, and practical.

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