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At Sung & Co, we’re passionate about designing brands for people who want to create unique experiences for their customers, reach more people, and make an incredible impact with their business.

We’d love to dream big with you and execute your vision to its potential. We want to create beyond your logo. Beyond your brand colors and patterns.

We want every aspect of your brand to be strategy-infused, cohesive, creative, and beautiful so you can grow a profitable business that people want to support and be a part of.

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I’ve come to expect a level of excellence from Sarah that is unmatched. She’s a multi- dimensional artist who thinks first about vision and philosophy. Your design will not only look amazing, it will capture the heart and message behind your brand.

Drew P.

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We take time to dream more, experiment more, and collaborate more so you can depend on creative solutions in every detail of your brand.



We'll be right there helping you implement your brand assets in real time so you're not left wondering what to do with your assets!



We have high expectations for ourselves. This allows our clients to enjoy not only the results of our work, but the entire collaborative process.



After 17 years of working as an Art Director, Graphic Designer, and Illustrator, I decided to finally pursue my dream to start my own business, Sung & Co.

I grew up in a family of creative problem solvers. My parents made all the "boring" stuff fun which influenced my belief that creativity and changing the way we think about ordinary things inspire people to stay curious and connect in a much bigger way.

I graduated with a BFA in Visual Communications (emphasis in both Graphic Design and Illustration). I love all things creative and quirky, and my sweet spot is working with people who want to stand out and do something a little different from what's already out there. 

When I’m not working or learning about the business world, you’ll likely find me taking a class (I’m a big nerd who loves to learn), traveling, and crossing something off my bucket list with my husband.

hey there! I'm sarah

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Curious about our process?

A look inside the brand journey...


Dream big

This is where we get to dream, brain dump, and  visualize your goals and where you want to go.



Then we study up your competition so we can position your brand to truly stand out!



Then we think through your story, services, and message in a creative way that your customers will love!



Now we explore, concept, and develop your unique look that aligns with your goals, customers, and voice.



And finally! We test and implement your brand assets to ensure everything is working as they should be!

At the end of the day, we want you to feel confident with your brand so that you know exactly how to market yourself, create memorable experiences for your customers, build a community of amazing fans, and grow a profitable business!

I spy with my little eye...

(A few brands we've worked on.)

Sarah is that rare breed of organizational leader and creative thinker. She’s one of the most highly specialized designers I’ve ever worked with.

Stone m.